Locally Hosted Linux Web Development Easy Setup

In this video I quickly walk you through setting up a fresh Ubuntu install with all the tools you’ll need to at least get started developing web applications.

We’ll setup the following using a simple install system step by step for even the most novice of Linux user.

  • LAMP Stack, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL
  • Curl, GIT, VIM, Ruby on Rails
  • NPM, Node, SASS, LESS, Compass
  • Yo, Bower and Grunt (Yeoman)

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A Basic Modern HTML5 and CSS Layout

In this video tutorial I will take you from scratch to finish creating an HTML5 and CSS based modern effective layout. The layout using a trending style you see where each section has a different background color and clearly identifies each part of the page. It uses some simple but effective CSS styles to build the layout and control the look for easy modification. This layout is often seen on product and more recently blog web sites.

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