Time For a Change

I have shot Canon for most of my photographic career and hobby. The first Canon I owned was a Canon T80, which some of you might recall as being their first foray into auto-focus.

It was clunky but a game-changer at the time, and to this day, I have fond memories of using it whilst wishing I had the money for a Canon T90.

I moved to a film-based 5D, and my love affair with the 5 range started. I owned and used that camera even while I touched on digital with what I recall being a Kodak camera shot at 640×480 all those years ago.

My film 5D remained loyal to me until around the early 2000s when I sold it to get my first digital 5D, then later the 5D mark 2.

Since then, as you can imagine, I have accumulated many lenses, always preferring the ‘L’ range because I was in a position to purchase those and offer the full-frame body the best I could to make it happy.

Roughly a month ago, I decided it was time for an update as my 5D mark2 was starting to feel a little long in the tooth for a few things like mechanical shutter and higher ISO noise in the shadows. Not to say it is bad, but I knew it could be better using a newer body and sensor. Given the photos I take, it is something I notice.

Now the problem is that I have all this glass on the Canon system, so I naturally looked at the 5D mark4, and at the same time, the R5 and R6 were being reviewed by many.

Those three cameras produce stunning images in various light situations and a vastly improved focusing system compared to what I am used to. I should add that I also have a Canon M50 as my ‘fun time’ camera with an EF lens converter.

I decided it was time to take a different track to try switching platforms, and I have already traded in my 5D mark2 body, which was going to happen anyway. I think that I’m going to trade in at least a few lenses and try either a Sony or FujiFilm system.

I have no complaints about the Canon range. This is just one of those moments when I can entertain trying something else since I do not shoot professionally, and I can experiment and explore.

For the record, if I change my mind or switch back then, right now, the Canon R5 would be my body of choice for sure. But who knows what a 5D mark5 might hold in the future!

Stay tuned. I plan to share my thoughts and experiences as I embrace a new system.