FujiFilm XT-4 Initial Impressions

As I start discovering the FujiFilm XT-4 that I switched out my Canon EOS 5D Mark2 for (you can read about that here), I expect there to be a series of posts on different aspects of the system.

Having spent a few days and a little less time shooting with it due to the weather (cold and wet never makes for a good situation) I thought I would put down a few initial thoughts.

First, the build feels solid to me. This is certainly not a camera you will forget you have with you, it’s heavier than some other bodies but feels solid in the hand and the grip is big enough that you get to really grab it rather than have that pinky finger falling under the body like some other mirrorless bodies.

The controls on both the back and top of the camera also feel engaging. The rotary controls are something you will not accidentally move, they require you to really want them to move but that does not mean they are hard to work with. The lockdown toggle on the top of the two main rotary controls also have a solid engage/disengage to them, that is something I appreciate.

Being able to set most of the controls to be whatever you want them to be is something that I will address in the future but I can clearly see that I am able to customize this camera to work the way I want it to without having to look away from what I am photographing.

Moving on to setting the camera up, it was pretty straight forward with one exception. I found it interesting that right there in the camera as you first turn it on it wants to offer connecting to a remote app on your phone. This is a double edge sword, this is something I wanted to do so in my case it was nice but I can see many wanting to skip and move on to actually taking photos.

Combine that with the fact that these wifi/bluetooth connections rarely set up right to begin with and it took a little while to get right. As a side note, the second time I tried to actually use it, the phone and camera would not connect without me resetting it.

By far the heaviest part of the system I think is the 16-80mm kit lens that I chose. But it feels great to work with, the aperture ring is a little stiff but I’m going to guess they make it that way as it will loosen slightly over time. The lens does come with a hood which is also nice and something rather rare in my previous kit purchases.

Naturally I played with all the different film simulations whilst making some test shots around the house and yes, they truly are different and not some added bonus. To me they feel like a big part of using the camera as the in camera JPG’s are pretty impressive out the box even without tweaking.

This shot is a tweaked B/W film setting to get a more noir effect

One last comment on this initial review is that I really appreciate being able to charge the battery in the camera using a USB-C cable. I also have the battery grip, so what I can actually do is have 3 batteries in the camera and charge them all from the USB-C port. Fantastic!