Inspiration is everywhere, just look harder

Upside down place

Stuck at home and saying “There is nothing to photograph at home” or looking for ways to inspire that creativity?

Just look around and you will find plenty of things to inspire you. You just need to look with an open mind, and vision.

I found this one on a shelf by a window, the flipped image in the glass topper of the bottle directly behind it caught my attention. I started to think and explore how I could make it work.

In my opinion, there are two things that make this shot work. The first is being able to directly flip the green bottle in the topper to take advantage of symmetry to lead the eye.

The second is the contrasting colors to separate the foreground and background bottles. Whilst using the foreground topper to act as an inner frame for the bottle behind.

Here is a short list of ways to look with a different eye

  1. Get low, we mostly see the World from the everyday viewpoint of either standing or sitting. Try getting down close to the ground.
  2. Get Up, do the opposite of tip number 1. This is easier if you have a camera with an adjustable screen, but sometimes you can surprise yourself by just putting the camera in the air and pushing the button, then review the results.
  3. Try changing your view depth, maybe put on a macro lens, or use a crazy zoom length.
  4. Experiment with foreground items, try looking through a window and keeping the frame in shot, or use a small hand mirror to reflect something back into the shot.
  5. If you mostly shoot images in color try switching to Black & White or vice versa. I like to have my viewfinder and camera back display show me a preview in Black & White so I can see the tonal separations and make changes as I shoot.
  6. Just have fun with it, there are no right or wrong ways to do this.