5 Winter Weather Photography Tips

Here in the arctic heart of Texas right now, there is snow and ice a plenty. Yep that always makes for pretty Winter photographs.

But, watch out! That weather will hurt your gear as much as you. Here are a few tips to remember when out taking those snowy photos.

  1. Remember that your camera metering system wants to make White appear gray. So, remember to overexpose by a stop but not enough to clip those highlights. That will give the Snow the White happy Winter feel and not the dull gray surprise.
  2. Keep extra batteries on you and keep them inside a jacked or as close to your body as you can. The cold will sap away at those charged batteries without you even realizing it. Nothing is worse than putting in a new battery that you thought was charged to discover that it’s either flat or low on power.
  3. Just because that fancy camera and/or lens says it’s weatherproof. Don’t test the theory and get complacent. Always try to keep your gear dry and out of the cold as much as possible.
  4. Keep a big bag that you can put your camera in handy with some silica packs. Going from the cold to the nice warmth of the house or car can generate moisture, and we all know how terrible that is for camera gear. Having those silica packs in a bag with the camera will help try to draw any moisture away from that nice camera you have.
    Personally, I love ZipLock bags, grab some on Amazon.
  5. Never, ever, forget to check for personal safety. Never let the urge to get a shot obscure the common sense that says “Stay away from that frozen lake”.

So keep these in mind, now go get those cool Winter photos.