Podcast – Does having your own domain name matter anymore?

Season 5 Episode 8

The Life Creative is a Podcast I publish that talks about all things creative. This can cover a wide range of topics, but all with one goal in mind. To help you get the most from your creativity.

This question came up as a topic of conversation this week. Does having a place to call home on the Internet still matter in a world full of social networks? I have some very firm thoughts on this as a content maker.

Social networks and companies / services, come and go. Have you considered what happens to the content you put on them? What about all those links you share with people pointing to that content?

Owning and having your own domain name gives in my opinion, far better control over your content and presence on the Internet than a social network does. By having a home that you control and pointing back to that home, you control your destiny.

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