Podcast – The How and why automating tasks is so important

Season 5 Episode 9

If we learn anything as we grow older, busier, deal with projects, or try to make it through the day. It is that time is precious.

So, as a creator, it is crucial to have as much time as possible to get done things you decide are worth doing.

One way to help with this problem is to take advantage of systems designed to automate away repetitive tasks. You might not even realize just how many times you do the same thing over and over again.

Here is an example of something that I do every time I publish a new podcast episode.

  1. Create a post on LinkedIN linking to it
  2. Create a post on Twitter linking to it
  3. Create a post Patreon linking to it
  4. Create a post on Buymeacoffee.com linking to it
  5. Create a post on Instagram linking to it
  6. Create a post on Vero linking to it
  7. Create a post on TikTok linking to it
  8. Create a post on the Web site
  9. Create a video and post it to YouTube

I think you probably see the pattern here. I create some post content and send it out to a service. The only thing that changes each time is the title, description, and link to the episode.

Perfect for automating and saving me at least a couple of hours each time.

Automating these tasks makes recording episodes a total pleasure since I do not dread all the work that occurs afterward, making me want to make more episodes by extension. Which, after all, is what matters the most in all of this.

I strongly recommend you listen to the episode at the beginning of this post to appreciate and learn all the details on how I achieve this. The services I mention are free with a paid tier if you want to refine your automation to a perfect level.

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