Podcast – Give peoples work the time and respect it deserves

Season 5 Episode 11

We live in a world with a short attention span by design. Social networks, for example, need you to scroll for them to make more money. Content makers get hurt by this because they get a few seconds of your attention at best.

I was thinking about this recently while looking at someone’s photography work. I spent time looking through each photograph’s details and found several things that I feel for sure I would have missed had I just worked through the stack of images.

How many times have you said, “I never noticed that before” when going back and looking at something again or listening to some audio? Time spent the first time around would probably have revealed these details at the time.

Here’s an idea, don’t just scroll through content, stopping for a few seconds (at most) when something jumps out at you. Give the person’s work the attention it deserves and spend some time with it, really taking it in and appreciating the work and passion put into it.

Please slow down and appreciate the content people make and put out there for us all.

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