Podcast – The right tool for the job will save you hours of frustration

Season 5 – Episode 13

If we are to be honest with ourselves, we know that when we are trying to do something quickly, we often look for something to help us to do and more than likely it’s the wrong tool.

Guilty as charged! I love my watches, but I dread trying to get the back off of them to replace the batteries. So I try for a few hours to get that darn thing off anyway I can and eventually give up and the watch sits there with a flat battery and unappreciated for it’s design and beauty.

Well this time I decided enough was enough, I spent a whole $18 on a tool that claimed to take the pain out of getting that thing off and more importantly putting it back on again.

Say hello to the right tool for the job

I was skeptical as I tried it for the first time, but I have to say, it did in seconds (and perfectly) the very task I would struggle with for hours. Just placing the watch and the back in the tool and applying gentle pressure popped that thing right back in place perfectly.

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