Podcast – My thoughts on the new Apple podcast service

Season 5 – Episode 14

Recently Apple announced a new service for podcast creators and consumers. Podcast creators can now take payments; think of it as a subscription or tip from listeners. An exciting move that was not all that surprising, considering that other podcast services/distributors have been looking at the same thing.

What makes this interesting is that Apple rarely does just one thing and leaves it at that, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Since this episode was released, Spotify and Anchor (my podcast host on Anchor, Spotify owns anchor) have also offered a similar service.

There is one big difference with Apple, though, they are taking their usual 30% cut of every sale. That is the part that does not sit well with me and probably many others. They also charge the podcast creator $20 a year to use the service. After one year, I will point out that the cut drops to 15%, but still, why charge at all? They don’t need the money, but they have a huge captive audience of users and treat Podcasts like the App Store.

In this episode, I share my thoughts, but only time will tell how well this works. I prefer to use a service that enables me to offer this premium content across many different platforms and apps, not just Apple’s Podcasting service lock-in. I am glad that Apple has brought this to the discussion, something Apple does well is pushing an idea for others to run with.

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