Podcast – Transition users for a smoother experience

I want to talk about moderating changes or the flow of changes when introducing them to your users. Has this ever happened to you? One day you visit a website or go to a store or something like that, where you regularly go.

Then the next day, you go back, and there have been massive changes, and it feels very alien to you. Very jarring. Right? Most of the time, there are always changes happening. Still, there’s nothing worse, I think than massive changes at one time, especially if users are not aware of them ahead of time.

I think that it works out better if you make progressive changes. You get to introduce the things you want to have, and people adapt to it and feel comfortable as that transition occurs.

Making a lot of changes too quickly, users become very unsettled with it. You should avoid this, and especially if they’re existing users, you want them always to feel comfortable. New users don’t matter so much. It may be the first time they’re there.

Let people know these changes are coming beforehand. Maybe even show them a few of the changes so that they can try them out or see them before the big switch happens.

I think that that will end up being a much easier transition path, not only for you but also for your users.

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