Podcast – Creating for the consumer

Season 5 Episode 26

In this, The Life Creative Podcast, I discuss attempting to plan your creations to be consumed in unexpected ways.

Let me start by giving an example to help answer the question you might ponder. Which is, “What is Peter talking about?.”

Let’s say you create an Artwork of photograph. You may be in a nicely lit studio or have a well-calibrated computer screen that shows the artwork off perfectly, just the way you intended.

But does that mean someone who displays your beautiful creation in their own space has it set up the same way? The chances are that the answer is no.

The best I can do to try and provide the experience I intended is to allow for some variation in the viewing area and accept that I cannot control the whole experience.

There are exceptions, of course, if I’m showing this is a gallery or exhibition. There is a good chance I can request certain lighting conditions. However, when it comes to someone displaying in their home, I have no control.

The creation might also tie to a particular date range, and there is nothing I can do except to make it as clear as I can to identify the period the medium is covering with an explanation of why it matters.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.