Sketch Plugin – Sketch Focus

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Sketch Focus by Code Arrows is a plugin that enables you to keep track of what you need to do and maybe why, in your sketch designs. Think of it as a task manager for drawing.

There is a free and a pro version, I do not have access to the pro version so this is article is based on the free version.

Sketch Focus has two parts, both appear in one panel. There is a section for notes and another for tasks, both work in a similar way, you can either select something on the art board and go to the panel or enter direct in the panel and then select afterwards, let’s take a look at both.


Image showing Sketch with the Sketch Focus Plugin set to show Notes.

In the image above I selected the circle and then opened the Sketch Focus panel where I created a new note. I can give it a title and a description if desired, which makes it easy to search for later. I can also add more linked items right in the note if I wanted to using. In the pro version you can click on the shape(s) in the panel and it will go to that item on which ever art board it exists. Notice in the details that it also lists the art board name for convince.


Image showing Sketch with the Sketch Focus Plugin set to show Tasks.

The tasks version is essentially the same with one major difference, there is a checkbox for you to work through the list of remaining items that need completing.

Searching and Filtering

As you can imagine, this list could grow over time, when you select either the notes or tasks, the other section collapses to help. But using the search panel is really what you want to be doing, the plugin has a useful filtering and search system to get you where you need to be.

You can also star items deemed important so they stand out a little more in the panel.

Import and Export

You can import and export the list for inclusion into or from other documents, the plugin exports the data as JSON for those curious about the details.

The Wrap

Over all I think this is a good plugin, I would like to see the option to manually collapse or keep a section open rather then it being automatically closed when my selection changes. I think it might be interesting if they could also generate a report in another sketch art board or for export, for those that work in teams or maybe even a team collaboration section.

The free version only allows 15 items per document, the pro version is unlimited.

If you want to keep those post it notes to a minimum, this might be the plugin for you.

You can get Sketch Focus here.