100 Days of Code – Week 9

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Switching It Up

Not only did I get work done on my iPad application this week for user onboarding. But I also had to get some work done on a few other side projects that included PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There was also some WordPress editing and theme work involved.

I feel it is good to have a few projects on the go, that way you can switch between them when you are having a tough time with something. It is like walking away but staying with the fight 🙂

Tools I used

  • Xcode 8 IDE and compiler.
  • IntelliJ Idea IDE.
  • Tower Git client.
  • Bear Text editor
  • iPad Pro For testing

Lessons Learned

I already knew that user onboarding can be an art-form unto itself, that still holds true in my opinion.

Last Weeks Checklist

Let’s see how much of what I planned got done.

  • More onboarding work.
  • Think some more about the first run user experience after install, and what that might require.

I did get some work done on the first run user onboarding ideas, I have not decided which I like the most yet.

Next Steps

In the coming week, here is my planned progression.

  • Get user onboarding running.

Follow My Progress

You can follow my progress via the following

The Wrap

If you are working on the #100DaysOfCode, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reports.