Keyboard Maestro is Amazing, macOS Workflow Heaven.

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I have been hearing about Keyboard Maestro for macOS for a very long time, but never tried it out until the weekend. Now it is a must use replacement for a few tools!

I have been a long time TextExpander user on macOS, Windows, and iOS. But I have to be honest and say that I felt paying a service fee for just expanding some text always felt wrong, I appreciate the need for the business model. but for some tools, it just seems wrong. I also thought I needed a cross-platform tool for this, I was wrong! The iOS version is limited through no fault of the developers, we can thank Apple for that.

Along with so much more Keyboard Maestro has solved that for me, not only have I replaced my text snippets but it also has given me a whole new library of ways to automate some more of my workflows and kill off some other tools.

For example, I can now toggle wifi activation on my MacBook Pro with just a keystroke thanks to Keyboard Maestro and an Apple Script.

Expect more on this in the future!