My Screencast Setup

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I have been asked many times how I manage to get the quality and professional results from my screencasts that I create. Firstly, thank you to everyone that comments and compliments me on the quality of my screencasts/videos, I truly appreciate it and it inspires me to continue to make great content for you the viewers. If I could do this for a living I would, I find it so much fun and am passionate about sharing and learning together.

I have tried many different workflows and setups over time, this is my current setup.



My primary screen recording and editing application, perfect for screen casting.

I use Photoshop and After Effects for creating the banners and intro/outro’s.

A great utility for setting my application window size to 1920×1080 for HD 1:1, which is how I keep the quality of text like code so nice and crisp to read on playback.

  • Apple Keynote

For information slides when needed.

I have to both know the subject and it has to be something I am interested in to make a good screencast.


  1. I create the intro and outro clips and use those in a template that I created for ScreenFlow.
  2. I practice …. a lot! Before I start recording so that it sounds and looks natural.

  3. I actually try and record an entire screencast in as fewer clips as possible with a preference to getting everything in one take so that it sounds as if I am sitting there with you teaching rather than lots of edits. – I record the video and audio at the sametime as I work through the content which is then added to a timeline in ScreenFlow.

  4. I do not use a script, firstly I think if you use a script then it sounds like you are reading one. Secondly I believe that if I do not sound like I know the subject I am talking about then that will come across to the viewer. So I have to both know the subject and it has to be something I am interested in to make a good screencast.

  5. I’ll review and edit or even start over if needed if I am not happy with the content. 4. I uploaded to YouTube directly from ScreenFlow in full HD because I want the quality to be good on everything from a mobile device to a big screen TV. Remember you never know where your viewers are watching from today.

  6. I create a post on to make it available to you the viewer.

  7. Then finally, I start to think about my plans for the next video and start all over again!

Some of the links in this article are to Amazon via my associate link, please consider using the links on this site as the small return that it gives helps pay for running costs and the ability to make new content for you all, thank you.