A Sketch 3 Resource List

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I am a recent convert to Sketch 3 by Bohemian Coding. As I work through learning and using this superb design tool I have decided to compile lists of useful resources including plugins, tutorials and templates that I come across with you all. I shall endeavor to keep the lists up to date, there is an ever growing community around the tool.



An amazing book / site that gives a great overview to start learning not only Sketch but how to use it in your iOS development workflow. This book by @MengTo convinced me to switch to using Sketch from all my other tools and workflows I used in the past.


Ever growing collection of resources including tutorials, tips, templates and plugins. Both free and premium.


Another listing site with links to plugins and guides to switching from Photoshop to Sketch. Not as comprehensive as some of the others but still worth checking out.


One page quick reference to the keyboard shortcuts for Sketch and a quick explanation of how you can create or customize them to your preference.

Sketch Plugin Directory

A comprehensive list of plugins hosted on GitHub.


Whilst not specifically aimed at Sketch this site has a large collection of Creative Commons icons that you can use in your projects.

Useful Plugins


A plugin that changes the size of a button in relation to itโ€™s content, for example as a label changes size the button updates with fixed padding to fit around the new label. No more changing labels then adjusting buttons to fit!

Sketch Icon Stamper

With this plugin you can provide a full size artwork and have the plugin create multiple sizes for perfect icons without you having to figure it all out.

Style Inventory for Sketch

As we design we play with colors, fonts and many other visual aspects. Keeping track and working with them all can not only get frustrating but tedious, this plugin will help keep track of your designs inventory. One of my favorite features is the ability to create an artboard with all the colors in your designs, perfect for handing off to other people like those folks in marketing ๐Ÿ™‚

Sketch Toolbox

In Beta still as of this post but a most interesting project. Sketch Toolbox will help you with managing your plugins, for example installing and removing with a single click.