Something new is on the way

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Get ready, something new is on the way just for you.

The one thing that has always bothered me about my site is the speed, I used dedicated WordPress hosting and I do not blame the hosting company. I think WordPress has just become too slow as it has grown beyond its original scope, all those functions, database tables and calls take up valuable CPU time before the content is delivered to your browser.

No matter how hard I tried to streamline the code, it never could deliver great performance for the number of visitors I get. So I decided to take steps.

I had heard about static site generators, they build your site back down to simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Which runs much faster than calling a database and serverside processed code. You see the magic with a static site is that it just delivers content in a format the browsers already understand.

The end result is a super fast delivery system that gives you what you came here for, without waiting. Yes, we are maybe talking seconds to maybe milliseconds, but that matters to me. I care about user experience, so I owe it to you the reader to make it as good as I can.

Are there things that I will loose moving away from WordPress? Yes, at first. But hey I’m a developer and there is a massive support community out there, so over time, I expect to bring back all the functionality and more.

So with all that said, I am currently reworking the last 5 years of content for you, my wonderful readers along with new content.

This will not affect new content being delivered to this, the current site, as I am double generating to keep sites in sync. The name and site URL will remain the same, so no need to find anything new, it’s all going to be right where it is now.

Please patient, trust me, it’s worth the wait!