Working Through Software Bugs is Easier With Help

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Arguably the worst part of application development is working through the edge case bugs, especially when there are so many services and people involved. You always have to question if it is you, or someone else causing the problem.

The problem with that is, as developers we always think itโ€™s someone else as we thought through our code and it made sense. But at times we have to stop and realize, we are too close to the problems to see them. That is why working as a team or pair programming is essential for growth I believe, others can spot those silly mistakes that our brain almost ignores by default.

Never be afraid to ask someone else to check your work, even if the compiler says everything is fine.


  1. Also, for making the code review easier, we should always think about writing clean understandable code. That is something, we often forget. The good talk on topic: “Design of Everyday Swift”, where Rachel Bobbins explains how to write well-factored, easy-to-read Swift code:

    1. I agree Lisa, writing clean code not only helps others but ourselves months from now. Thanks for the link to Rachel’s post, I will read it later today. Appreciate it!

      1. always happy to help ๐Ÿ™‚

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