What is JAMStack?

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first. The phrase or name stands for,

JavaScript, APIs, and Markup (coined by Mathias Biilmann)

visit jamstack.org for all the juicy details.

So in other words, it really is just a collection of some Web technologies and marked up text. But whilst that may sound simple and even old school Web, it really is way more than that.

Here for your learning pleasure is my collection of posts on the topic.


Gatsby is a static site generator, you create a template system and then feed it some data. Once you run the Gatsby command it then takes everything and generates standard HTML and CSS files for you that you then upload to a server. This makes sites very fast to load since everything is already processed for you.

What Are Those Gatsby Generated Files?

Installing and Generating Your First Gatsby Web Site

GatsbyJS Part 1: Overview and Install

GatsbyJS Part 2: Site and File Structure Overview

GatsbyJS Part 3: Site Layout and Basic Component Construction

GatsbyJS Part 4: Basic Site Styling and Navigation Setup