10 Great things to do today in your digital life

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New year is not just about those resolutions that you might keep, it’s a great time to do things to make the year start the way you want it to. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • Back up everything
  • Clear out the inbox, be brutal. If it’s been there at least a month then you know you are not going to reply or do anything with it so delete it.
  • Check those ToDo or Task lists are up to date, what did you forget to check as complete? Or worse, what did you forget to add to the list?
  • Clear out old applications you no longer use and never get around to deleting. Your machines will thank you.
  • Use external SD or Compact Flash cards? When was the last time you cleaned those out or maybe reformatted them to ensure they are ready to use next time?
  • I bet there are things you did last year that you could automate, why not start a list of things to try and automate in the near future?
  • While we are talking lists, why not start keeping track of things you think of by having a note pad and pen or easy to use capture app close by at all times.
  • Set some new year goals? Add them to December calendar right now to keep you honest.
  • If you file digital things away using a folder our group system, set up those 2021 folders right now so they are there when you need them. For example, I use DEVONThink Pro and store my emails by year in there.
  • Change passwords on accounts, especially those that don’t have 2 factor. Also check and see if they now offer 2 factor and set it up.

Hope these spark some thoughts, 2021 will thank you for it later if not right away.