Automating My Blog Post Creation with Keyboard Maestro

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There are times that I want to get to blogging an idea quickly without having to mess with all the setup. So I thought why not automate using Keyboard Maestro, one of my favorite productivity tools on macOS.

Then naturally, I thought, time to share it. Then I realized I cannot figure out how to export a single macro, so I am sharing a screenshot of the steps, please if you know how to export a single macro let me know in the comments and I will be only too happy to share it.

So here is a little information on what I use it for and what it does.

I have been working on a Gatsby blog, it uses markdown files for each of the posts. Each post has a series of frontmatter metadata items that I have to fill in each time.

I have broken those values out into input fields when the macro runs, now all I have to do is enter the data and click create.

Those values are entered into the template that gets pasted into my editor of choice and then it places the cursor at the right place for me to start entering the content.

To trigger the action all I need to do is type ;pwbt

So with the details out of the way, here’s all the macro content.

Keyboard Maestro Capture