iPad Pro Workflow – Photography

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The iOS platform now has many really good apps for the photographer. From editing and management to uploading and sharing. Over time I have changed and refined my workflows for my photography, here are my current workflows.


  • Photos for a library on the move to show people or push to the web as needed.
  • Affinity Photo has now replaced Adobe Lightroom and many other editing tools.
  • The SD adapter to import images from my camera’s.
  • GoPro app to import video and make quick edits.
  • 500px app.
  • SmugMug app.
  • On1 Photo.

The Details

Until recently, Adobe Lightroom CC was a big part of my workflow both on the desktop and on the move. Recent changes to Lightroom and the appearance of new apps has changed that. This is not to say that I no longer like Lightroom, but to say that I am actively looking at moving away from the Adobe ecosystem for various reasons that I do not feel need to be listed here.

I feel it is important to list the cameras that I use to better help explain some of the choices I have made with my workflows.

I use

  • Canon EOS 5D mk2
  • Nikon 1 Series
  • iPhone 8+
  • GoPro Hero 5 Sessions

Until recently I had tried many many apps for working with my photographs on the move. Given that I shoot with a full frame DSLR (Canon EOS 5D) and the Nikon J1 range, the files can be big. I shoot in RAW not JPEG for the most part, so I needed to use Lightroom until recently to view those and make edits. Photoshop on iOS has never impressed me having spent so many years with the desktop version.

Now that Affinity Photo is out, I am using that exclusively with the Apple pen on the iPad Pro and I also use the desktop version.

This all works great with my workflow for Blogging as I can store the images in the Apple photos library and then use as described for my blogging workflow.

I also use the 500px app for pushing to that site and for seeing other peoples work, which is great for staying in contact with the community as well.

The onOne software is a new addition to my iPad, it serves as a good tool for reviewing and presenting images, but lacks the ability to really get serious with editing images.

The Flow

Once I have shot the images, I’ll put the card in one of the Apple USB or SD adapters and import them to the iPad.

Then I will look at the images in the Apple Photos app and select the ones to keep and delete the ones I do not want. With that done the basic review is over.

In Affinity Photo, I edit the images to achieve the results I had in mind when taking the photographs. This can take as short as a few minutes to a few hours depending on the edits I want to make.

Finally, back in the 500px and SmugMug apps I will upload them and apply the necessary MetaData like copyright, keywords and a title.

At this point, I would usually also add them to Buffer to share across multiple social networks, preparing a message and any hashtags as needed.

The Wrap

It is amazing that we have come so far so quickly with mobile apps that this kind of workflow is possible. No more being tied to a desktop or laptop, we can literally select and post on the move.