The Life Creative – Lessons learned and tips from conducting my first Podcast interview

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Season 5 Episode 22

Recently I made my first podcast interview. I have appeared as a guest many times on different shows but this was the first time I was the interviewer. I an not afraid to admit that I had been avoiding doing one because it made me super anxious just thinking about it.

But I also know that I’m telling you all to push the envelope of comfort to expand. So I had to make myself do it otherwise it just makes me a hypocrite.

In this episode I share my thoughts, lessons learned and tips that I hope can help you, should you find yourself in a similar situation. Believe me, push through the fear and discover that it’s way easier to do than you think once you get started.


  • Record each person’s audio to a separate file, this will make editing a lot easier and save you a mountain of trouble when it comes to removing overlapping audio.
  • Have each person record their own audio locally for two reasons
    • 1. this acts as a good back up should something happen to the audio you are capturing.
    • 2. It often results in better quality than capturing from the communication software like Skype or Zoom.
  • Capture details ahead of time like a rough outline agenda of topics that will be talked about. Make this a shared document for everyone involved so they can add and edit details. This is also a great document to capture things like Twitter and other contact details.
  • Make sure you capture the introduction and outro, this can be easy to forget once the conversation gets started.
  • Make the guest(s) the focus, let them talk more than you as the interviewer. You’re role is to keep things moving forward but to let them shine.
  • Set a time limit for recording and have an idea of how long you want the final content to be after editing. This can help move the conversation along whilst capturing all the topics and not running long.

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