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Season 5 Episode 30

This is a follow-up as I said I would to a challenge I set in Season 5 Episode 27. The challenge was to pick something you wish you could do and make two lists. 1. with reasons why you don’t do it and 2. the benefits if you could overcome this problem.

I said I would give my example so here it is.

Something hard for me to do that I wish I could be better at is reaching out to people and asking them if they would like to come on my podcasts and discuss a topic they are knowledgeable in.

Reasons why I don’t do it

  • It would require me to structure my personal time better and stick to that schedule.
  • They might say yes and then the pressure is on for me to get everything set up to record the interview.
  • I could fail to come up with interesting questions and make the guest feel like they are wasting their time.
  • The conversation could run dry and the responsibility is on me to keep it flowing even with some of my social anxiety.

The benefits of overcoming this fear

  • It would provide interesting new content for listeners/viewers that may be tired of hearing my voice week after week.
  • I would grow in confidence to continue reaching out to possible guests.
  • I would grow stronger by slowly reducing the stress of worrying that everything works out correctly for the recording.
  • I would expand my circle of people I know and discover folks that are interesting to talk to and share thoughts with on subjects I am interested in.

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