The Life Creative – You cannot learn everything, my learning system

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Season 6 Episode 5

It’s a simple fact, in my opinion, that you cannot learn everything. There will always be topics that interest you that you simply never have the time to take a look at.

But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon them, here’s what I do.

I have three reading lists,

1. Things I absolutely must-read for some reason or another. For example, changes to a platform that I depend on to get my daily work done.

2. Things I will read at the weekend, probably Sunday morning over coffee because they are semi-important yet not critical.

3. Things that sound interesting and I’ll read one day just because I’m curious about it or it feels like something I should probably know at some point.

No surprise to you I’m sure is that list number three is by far the longest, and that’s fine. If it turned out there was nothing for me to read in the future, then that is surely a sad day and means I have lost interest in learning, let’s hope that never happens.

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