A Call to Action – Report Bugs

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A call to action for the Xcode, iOS and OS X developers out there, do the responsible thing when you find a bug, check in with the developer forums and then report it. It is never to late to contribute to the tools and platforms that you use or develop for, not only do you benefit from it but the entire community does. So give back to the community and Apple developers that help you make the next great thing.

I know this sounds like something obvious, but I bet there is a lot of people out there that find something and just continue on their way without looking further into what might be a problem. It is all too easy to think that someone else already knows about what you just came across, but a lot of the time that might not be the case.

A few important notes for reporting bugs,

  • Only submit one issue per bug report.
  • Answer all the questions as clearly and detailed as you can.
  • Give detailed instructions on how to reproduce the bug.
  • Provide screenshots if possible.

To that end, here are the links to the places you need to know about to file.

Apple Developer Forums

Report a bug

So next time you hit a problem, share it with those that can do something about it 🙂