CompileSwift Podcast – App Store Connect, TestFlight, and App Store Changes

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Season 1 Episode 3

In this episode we take a look at the changes announced for App Store Connect, TestFlight and the App Store.

Show Notes

  • Fully supports standalone watchOS applications
  • Application Loader has been removed from Xcode 11
  • There is a new application called Transporter for macOS that does not need Xcode to be installed.
  • Sign in with Apple ID- Choose your team
  • Drag and drop files to Transporter including the IPA file exported from Xcode.
  • Errors and issues will be displayed in Transporter for you to fix before delivering the package to App Store Connect.
  • You can upload many packages at once if you need to.
  • Emails with issues now include the version number in the subject line.
  • There is a new Build Activity view in App Store Connect to better track the history of your applications.
  • You can also be notified as to the progress of your application changes by turning the notification on in the app.
  • TestFlight application has now been localized in many more languages.
  • TestFlight Feedback is a new feature that enables users to give direct feedback to you via App Store Connect.
  • Any time your application crashes Feedback will offer users the ability to send information right there and then.
  • You can customize the onboarding experience delivered from TestFlight Feedback for your application, this appears the first time a user launches your application from TestFlight.
  • When a user takes a screenshot of your application downloaded from TestFlight they now get a new “Share Beta Feedback” option to send that screenshot and any annotation and comments directly to App Store Connect.
  • The feedback information submitted to App Store Connect can be downloaded and includes device and user information.
  • TestFlight Feedback can be disabled in App Store Connect if you no longer want that option available to users. You do not need to release a new version to TestFlight remove it.
  • 9 new languages have been supported in the App Store, this brings the total to 37.
  • Right to Left languages are now supported in App Store Connect.
  • App Analytics now supports macOS including
  • Impressions
  • Product page views
  • App Units shows how many times the app was downloaded
  • Sales will show the total purchases including in app purchases
  • App Analytics now shows iOS app deletion from devices.

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