Swift Nil Coalescing – Intermediate

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How many times have you done some simple logic along these lines?

var userName:String?
var defaultUserName = "Guest User"
var loggedInUserName:String

if userName != nil {
    loggedInUserName = userName!
} else {
    loggedInUserName = defaultUserName

// loggedInUserName would be "false"Guest User" until userName has a value

Well why not keep the code simple and stop your developer friends from teasing you by making these more efficient and impressive looking by using the Nil Coalescing Operator. You can represent the above with the simpler code below

var loggedInUser = userName ?? defaultUserName

// Now try it again but set a value for userName
userName = "Peter"
var loggedInUser = userName ?? defaultUserName

So OK this is not a great example of code mastery but you get the idea, we can use the operator along with a ternary conditional and unwrapping to check a value then set a variable based on those results without having to use an if else block.

Not much more to explain on this one, just go have fun with it and thank me later for saving a few lines of code now and again!