Rebuilding my Site on JAMStack. Live Stream 1

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Given the recent problems with my WordPress host and my thoughts on how I want to take this site forward, I have started to design and develop a static site generator version.

My chosen technologies are GatsbyJS, React, and Contentful. This serves my purpose as there is a lot of content that does not change, for the remaining items like journal entries and posts I can use Contentful to hold the content and pull it in when the generator runs.

This is a very efficient system that has a huge performance benefit and gives a great way to use a JAMStack to manage the content.

I have previously used GatsbyJS for this site which if you are sneaky you may have found at where it still resides for maintenance and backup, you never know when you need a development and testing site!

I should note that I use GatsbyJS for my CompileSwift site which is very performant and easy to manage, although there are some issues with navigation that I need to resolve someday when I get time in between other projects.

Here is the result from today’s stream.